The N.S.G.A. is a member organization of the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters promoting wildlife conservation and overseeing the enforcement of provincial hunting, fishing, game farming and trapping regulations.
We recruit and train new guides and then the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) licenses them on completion of their training, all becoming members of our guides association. We enjoy the strength and comradery that we have in our organization. We also work with N.S.T.A. and TIANS and other tourism related companies to provide a service for visitors to our region as well as enjoyment for ourselves.

We hold events to bring our guides together to compare notes and improve our services.

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For a detailed history on guiding and wildlife management in Nova Scotia read:
Dodds, Donald. Challenge & Response: A History of Wildlife Management in Nova Scotia, Halifax: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, 1993.

Parker, Mike. Guides of the North Woods: Hunting and Fishing Tales from Nova Scotia (1860 - 1960), Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 1990.


Our members are Licensed Guides in Nova Scotia. If you need a licensed guide, please contact them to make arrangements. If you have any question about specific areas that you may be visiting, please feel free to contact us at and we will try to assist you with your search.

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