• Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides
  • Nova Scotia Licensed Guides

Licensed Guides

Our members below are Licensed and Insured Guides in Nova Scotia. If you need a licensed guide, please contact them to make arrangements. If you have any question about specific areas that you may be visiting, please feel free to contact us at info@nsguides.ca and we will try to assist you with your search.

David Pickings
PO Box 19 RR#3, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
Phone: (902)624-9928
  • Email: davidpickings13@gmail.com
  • Fishing Guide

    Vinal Smith
    P.O. Box 125, Hunts Point, NS B0T 1G0
    Contact Phone: (902)356-2498
  • www.vinalsmith.com
  • Email: vinalsmith@eastlink.ca
  • Fishing Guide

    Paul Connolly
    3783 Medway River Rd
    Phone: (902)350-0901
  • Email: connollypaul@hotmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Carroll Randall
    Dacara Group Fishing
    35 Miller Dr, Bridgewater, NS B4V 3H3
  • Email: dacara@eastlink.ca
  • Fishing Guide

    Bradford Crouse
    2028 Eastern Shore Rd
    Brooklyn, NS B0J1H0
    Phone: (902)354-4777
  • www.bearfacts.ca
  • Email: info@bearfactsoutfitters.com
  • Hunting

    Matthew Mullen
    Weymouth NS B0W3T0
    Phone: (902)837-5830
    Cell: (902)308-0799
  • Email: mattmullen@hotmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Peter Lavender
    PO Box 1554
    Liverpool, NS B0T1K0
  • www.peterlavender.ca
  • Email: peterlavender@ns.sympatico.ca
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Matt Poupart
    Fur and Feather Outfitters
    45 Tasha Dr.
    Greenfield NS B6L4K3
    Phone: (902) 956-4901
  • Email: matt@furandfeatheroutfitters.ca
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Matthew Szeto
    672 Kinsac Road
    Kinsac, NS
    Cell: (902)449-6193
  • Email:fishonnovascotia@gmail.com
  • Fishing Guide

    Alfred O'Quinn
    Conn Camp Outfitters
    729 Pinegrove Road
    Pine Grove, NS B4V7Z7
    Phone: (902)543-8761
    Cell: (902)529-0929
  • E-mail: chrelfurlotte@gmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Brian Squirrell/Gail Dahl
    Big Bear Outfitters Nova Scotia
    Phone: (587)432-2225
  • www.bigbearoutfitters.co
  • Visit Us on Facebook
  • E-mail: nuttyone@shaw.ca

  • James Veinot
    Kentville, NS
    Phone: (902) 680-6302
  • E-mail: jamveino@gmail.com
  • www.annapolisvalleyoutfitters.ca
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Jimmie Pederson
    299 Bourgeois Rd
    PO Box 1218
    Cheticamp, NS B0E 2M0
    Phone: (902)224-5957
  • E-mail: jimmie.m.p@gmail.com
  • Fishing Guide

    The Tying Scotsman Inc.
    Alex Breckenridge
    19 Mill Road
    Margaree Forks, NS B0E 3H0
    Phone: 902-248-2089
    Phone: 902-224-0488
  • E- mail: thetyingscotsman@gmail.com
  • www. thetyingscotsman.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Justin Hines
    7184 Hwy #3
    Lower Woods Harbour, NS B0W 2E0
    Phone: (902)723-2377
  • Email: relentlessobsession18@gmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Ursa Major Outfitters
    Owners: Shannon Cunningham/Sali Sabean
    10 Rattling Ave
    Lake Loon, NS B2W 3P7
    Phone: (902)802 4780
    Cell: (902)790-0919
  • Email: sali.cunningham.sc@gmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    XI Kang
    132 Peachtree Hill
    Dartmouth, NS B2W 0H8
    Cell: (902)999-2147
  • Email: lukekang12@hotmail.com
  • Hunting/Fishing Guide

    Matt Balcome
    Wild Northeast Outfitters
    Timberlea, NS
    Phone: (902)293-9033
  • www.wildnortheastoutfitters.com
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    Fishing Guide

    Dennis Lavender
    1013 Shore Road
    Brooklyn, Queens County, NS B0J 1H0
    Phone: (902) 354-3036 Cell: 902-354-8144
    Email: dfishingguide@gmail.com

    If Interested in becoming a licensed guide or member, please contact Vinal Smith and/or download the membership form HERE. In addition to receiving a business listing, becoming a member/guide gives your a discount on camping at our campground for the Season and other privileges.

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